Legal and business translations

Legal and business translations fall into the category of scientific and technical translation. This type of work involves the use of technical-scientific language that is field-specific based on the document to be translated. Consequently, actually two technical-scientific dictionaries are used – that of the source language and that of the target language. In legal or economic/business translations, technical-scientific terminology and language are those of law and economics. This level of linguistic expertise is obviously not within everyone’s reach, and only of those who have studied the subject at a high level and dealt with it on a daily basis can handle these translations.

Therefore, these particularly delicate translations require absolute precision and care, ensured by specialised training.

Our translators, in addition to holding the necessary linguistic certifications, are all graduates in law or economics. This is why we can guarantee that the content of the translation is perfectly adequate and consistent with respect to specialized legal, economic and business terminology.